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E-Filing FAQs


  1. I hit the link on the E-Filing application but it did not send.

    Answer:   You can save the E-Filing application to your computer and email the application to our help desk EFILE_SUPPORT@CUYAHOGACOUNTY.US
  2. Can I have more than one email address on my E-Filing account?

    Answer:  No.  There will be one primary email address that will receive any e-notices and e-service.  However, if you are a member of a firm, you can add a firm email address in addition to your primary email address.  If you also want a support staffer to receive e-notices and e-service on your behalf, you will have to create a “forward” on your email account.
  3. Once I submit my E-Filing application, how long will it take to set up my account?

    Answer: The E-Filing help desk makes every effort to process your E-Filing application on the same day. You will receive an email with a log in, temporary password and link to our E-Filing website. When you first log on, you will create a security question and new password.   
  4. I have tried to reset my password, but I still get an error.

    Answer:  Please contact E-Filing help desk at EFILE_SUPPORT@CUYAHOGACOUNTY.US or (216) 698-8682 and we can reset your password.  You will receive an email with a temporary password and link to our E-Filing website. You will create a new password when you log in. 


  1. Why are my filings in a status of ‘I’ and none have been accepted by the Clerk?

    Answer:  A status of ‘I’ means the filing is ‘in progress.’  This means you have not yet submitted the filing to the Clerk of Courts.  Please make sure you click the [Save and Proceed] button on every screen (including the Overview screen), and the [Submit] button on the payment screen in order to compete the filing. 
  2. How do I designate service for a party at multiple addresses?

    Answer:  When filing a new complaint, only input each party one time.  If a party has multiple addresses in which you would like them to receive service, submit a Request for Service or Instructions for Service with your filing outlining the additional service you are requesting for the filing.
  3. Is there a User Guide to help me through the E-Filing process?

    Answer: Yes. When you log in to E-Filing, on any screen there is a link to a User Guide on the bottom of the page.  If you need additional help, please contact E-Filing help desk at (216) 698-8682 OR EFILE_SUPPORT@CUYAHOGACOUNTY.US.  
  4. How do I file a document on a case in which I am not yet an attorney of record? The case is not on the list of My Open Cases.

    Answer:  Click on the My Cases tab and enter the case number in the boxes. Make sure you include CV, CR, or CA, then the year, and then the case number and search for the case. If the case is inactive, you may have to check the “closed cases” box.  The case should appear and then you may submit your E-Filing by clicking on the red wrench icon.
  5. I am filing a brief or motion with multiple exhibits. Should I E-File as one document or attach the exhibits separately?

    Answer:  The Court prefers that you file your pleading, with all of the pertinent exhibits attached, as one document. 
  6. Do I need to complete and attach a Designation Form when E-Filing a new civil case?

    Answer:  No. You will input the information contained on the Designation Form (i.e., parties, classification, amount in controversy, etc.)  when E-Filing a new civil case.
  7. How do I E-File service requests or requests for second attempts of service?

    Answer:  With your request for service that you E-File, please also include the document that you would like the Clerk to serve.  
  8. I received a confirmation # when I started an E-Filing, does that mean that the filing was received by the Clerk?

    Answer:  No. You will receive an email from the Clerk when your filing is accepted or rejected. If the item is rejected, the email will indicate the reason for the rejection. You can edit the filing and resubmit.

    You receive a confirmation number as soon as you start an E-Filing. That way, if you get called away or cannot finish the E-Filing, you can come back to it by clicking on the confirmation number on your My Filings tab.  When you submit a filing to the Clerk, you will get a confirmation page indicating that the item was received by the Clerk for review.  The Clerk will review the item and determine whether to accept or reject the filing. The Clerk rejects filings in limited circumstances. Generally, reasons for rejection include:
    1. unsigned documents;
    2. wrong document uploaded;
    3. the filing occurred on the wrong case; and
    4. multiple motions/documents filed together as one document and not filed separately. 

Foreclosure Cases

  1. On the Add Case Parcels screen, do I need to put the full legal description in the Description box?

    Answer:  No. You only need to insert a brief, general description of the type of property. (Example:  Apartment building with 4 units;  single family property, etc.)  


  1. Why can’t I see the images on a case?

    Answer:  The images you can see depend on the E-Filing account you are using.  Law Firm Support Staff can only see images of their E-Filings. They cannot see any other images on a case.

    Attorneys can see the following:
    1. On Civil, Criminal, Domestic, Appeals Juvenile, Appeals Domestic & Appeals Probate cases can only see images on cases they are assigned to.
    2. All attorneys can see other Probate images (other than Appeals Juvenile, Appeals Domestic, Appeals Probate) whether they are assigned to the case or not.  If you cannot see an image make sure the attorney account you are logged in with represents an attorney assigned to the case.
  2. What format are the images?

    Answer:  The image format of all Clerk–stamped images is TIF (Tagged Image File).  Many operating systems contain a default TIF viewer.  Alternatiff is a free Internet Explorer plug-in to open TIF files.  Other free TIF viewers are widely available including Irfanview.   
  3. Why can’t I open the image or why does the image only show the first page?

    Answer:  The image format of all Clerk–stamped images is TIF (Tagged Image File).  If you are having trouble opening the TIF image, try using a different program as your default TIF viewer. Many operating systems contain a default TIF viewer.  Alternatiff is a free Internet Explorer plug-in to open TIF files.  Other free TIF viewers are widely available including Irfanview. 

    It is also possible there is an issue with a particular image.  If you are able to open other images without an issue but are having a problem with one image in particular, please contact E-Filing support at (216) 698-8682 OR EFILE_SUPPORT@CUYAHOGACOUNTY.US.  Please provide the Case Number and a description on the image you are having a problem with.  

Payment/Bank Reconciliation

  1. Can I leave money on deposit with the Clerk of Courts to draw down for my E-Filings?

    Answer:  No. The Clerk of Courts will not hold any money on account. You must pay for your E-Filing at the time of the transaction. You may pay by credit card, debit card or electronic check.
  2. Are there any fees associated with E-Filing?

    Answer: There are no fees to participate in E-Filing or to review a docket or print documents. The only fees associated with E-Filing are the traditional filing fees and convenience fees for credit card usage. You may review the deposits for costs and filing fees on the Clerk’s website  
  3. I am reconciling my bank account, can I search previous payments made in the E-Filing system?

    Answer:  Yes. Once you log in to the E-Filing system, go to the Reports tab. This will take you to the Payment History Report screen. Search for transactions by entering attorney, case number, filing date and/or E-Filing confirmation number and clicking Search. Click the Export button to create a text file containing the transaction data.  

Proposed Order/Agreed Judgment Entry/Magistrate Decision

  1. Why don't I have the option to send a proposed order to a Judge?  

    Answer:  The Court makes up the rules as to who can get a proposed order or agreed judgment entry on which type of case.  Currently, all proposed orders on foreclosure and board of revision cases go only to the Magistrate even if the order needs to be signed by the judge. The Magistrate determines what needs to be sent to the Judge and when.  On non-foreclosure cases, the Judge him/herself should be available as a recipient.  
  2. Why does the status of the Agreed Entry, Proposed Order or Magistrate's Decision which I submitted only show a status of 'Received'?  

    Answer:  A Proposed Order or Magistrate's Decision will always show a status of 'Received.'  This means it was submitted to the Judge or Magistrate.  If the Judge or Magistrate signs the order or decision it will appear on the docket as a Journal Entry.