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eFiling and eService news

12:00:00 AM
Common Pleas Administrative Judge John J. Russo and Clerk of Courts Andrea F. Rocco are happy to announce that eFile users will be able to eFile in criminal cases starting 4/30/14. Efiling will be mandatory in civil cases on 6/1/14, and the expected date for mandatory e-filing in criminal cases is 11/1/14. Training sessions will be scheduled in the near future.

If you do not yet have an eFiling account, complete and submit this form to the Clerk of Courts;
Clerk of Court Electronic Filing Registration Form.

Also, eFile users now have more options with eService:

(1) 'Put me on copy when electronic service email is sent to all parties' will put the filing attorney on CC to all eService emails sent to other counsel for their filing. This will increase the number of email notifications you will get for the filing but will tell you exactly when eService was sent and to whom.

(2) ‘Send me electronic service for this filing’ will send the filing attorney an eService email for the filing and put a record of the filing in the attorney’s eService screen.

This is useful if you want to know when the Clerk-stamped image has been created so you can retrieve a copy of the filing.

Users can set these as default preferences on the My Settings screen by clicking the user’s name in the upper right-hand corner of the system. You will always be able to change the selection on the eService screen by checking or unchecking the box.