Terms of Use

Service of pleadings, motions and other documents filed electronically using the E-Filing System shall be governed by the Administrative Orders and/or Local Rules governing E-Filing in effect on the date of the filing of the pleadings or documents to be served.  E-Service shall not replace the methods of service of pleadings prescribed in the applicable Rules of Procedure.  In accordance with those procedures, all parties registered and approved to file documents electronically may be served with notices and copies of documents filed subsequent to a Complaint or Third-Party Complaint by Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF).  By accepting the terms of this E-Filing System Terms of Use, the filer consents to receive notices and copies of documents electronically, and waives the right to receive by first class mail notice of any document filed electronically subsequent to the Complaint or Third-Party Complaint.

Each authorized user of the Cuyahoga County E-Filing System agrees he/she will not use the E-Filing System to engage in criminal activity or to commit fraud or identity theft.  Each authorized user of the Cuyahoga County E-Filing System also agrees not to upload or submit prohibited content into the system.  As used in this Terms of Use, “prohibited content” includes, by way of example and not limitation, the following:

Each authorized user understand and agrees that in the event the user violates any provisions of the Terms of Use, the user’s privilege to participate in the Cuyahoga County E-Filing System and the user’s access to the system may be terminated, at the sole discretion of the Common Pleas Court General Division, Common Pleas Court Domestic Relations Division, the Eighth District Court of Appeals, and the Clerk of Court for the respective Courts.  Each authorized user also understands and consents to removal of the prohibited content from the E-Filing System at the discretion of the Courts and Clerks identified.

Payment Policy:

Some Court filings filed through this website require payment of filing fees. For those filings that do require payment, a credit card will be required to be provided with the filing. The filing fee amount will be confirmed at time of filing. Use of this website constitutes your consent to charge the credit card you supply with the standard fees based on the type of filing and the information you provide with the filing.

Important notice of redaction responsibility:

The filing party must comply with Rule 45(D) of the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio as follows:

(D) Omission of personal identifiers prior to submission or filing

(1) When submitting a case document to a court or filing a case document with a clerk of court, a party to a judicial action or proceeding shall omit personal identifiers from the document.

(2) When personal identifiers are omitted from a case document submitted to a court or filed with a clerk of court pursuant to division (D)(1) of this rule, the party shall submit or file that information on a separate form. The court or clerk may provide a standard form for parties to use. Redacted or omitted personal identifiers shall be provided to the court or clerk upon request or a party to the judicial action or proceeding upon motion.

(3) The responsibility for omitting personal identifiers from a case document submitted to a court or filed with a clerk of court pursuant to division (D)(1) of this rule shall rest solely with the party. The court or clerk is not required to review the case document to confirm that the party has omitted personal identifiers, and shall not refuse to accept or file the document on that basis.

Rule 44(H) of the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio defines “Personal identifiers” as follows:

(H) “Personal identifiers” means social security numbers, except for the last four digits; financial account numbers, including but not limited to debit card, charge card, and credit card numbers; employer and employee identification numbers; and a juvenile’s name in an abuse, neglect, or dependency case, except for the juvenile’s initials or a generic abbreviation such as “CV” for “child victim.”

If the filing party is redacting any personal identifiers per Sup. R. 44(H) and 45(D), please complete and file the Personal Identifier Form.  Note: The Personal Identifier Form will not be available for public inspection and may only be provided per Sup. R. 45(D)(2).

Personal Identifier Form