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Unapplied Funds

If, after reviewing the attached list, you believe the Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts Office owes you a refund from a criminal or civil proceeding, please complete the attached online form. Please include as much information as possible as we have to research your case to determine whether a refund is due or not.

If we determine that we owe you a refund, a claim form will be emailed to you asking for proof that you are the proper claimant. The claim form will provide you with a list of acceptable documents you will need to provide to us in order to receive your refund, and the steps necessary to claim your refund.

Please note that there may be instances where our research discovers that a refund is not due and we will advise you of this at the completion of our investigation.

Please see our FAQ Page for additional questions and answers.

Unapplied Funds Inquiry Form