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Clerk of Courts Andrea F. Rocco Opens New Office for Public Record Requests

12/22/2014 9:30:00 AM In the last of four new and improved spaces for the public and clerk staff, Andrea F. Rocco has opened the Archives Division in the Old Courthouse. Requests for public records can now be made in Room 37, located on the ground floor. (Attached photo 1) The office will house the Archives Division staff that was previously based in Room 45. (Attached photo 2) The new space includes public terminals to search the online docket and a copy machine and scanner for customer use. The renovated space will allow for greater usability by the public, improved customer service, and includes ADA accessible public terminals and work space. Room 45 will return to its intended purpose as a storage room for archived case files. Clerk of Courts Andrea F. Rocco stated, "The new space came out great. We appreciate the hard work the county trades put into creating us such a functional office for our staff and the public to utilize."

The Archives Division area was one of the many physical working and public spaces that Rocco reviewed and improved throughout three county buildings. The first phase of the ongoing review was to remove and organize more than 11,000 boxes of archived files from the hallways of the Courthouse into file rooms and warehoused space prior to being digitally imaged and microfilmed for retention purpose. (Attached photos 3 & 4) The reorganization has allowed for easier access and improved timeliness in response to public record requests for archived files and over 200,000 documents are now digitally imaged.

Previous moves and renovations included the Domestic Relations Division that is now located in Room 35 of the Old Courthouse, (Attached photo 5), the Notary Division that is now located in Room 34 of the Old Courthouse, (Attached photo 6) and the Microfilm Division that is now located on the 1st floor of the Justice Center. Additionally, many criminal division functions that were shown to be redundancies with the civil division have been moved to the 1st floor of the Justice Center to maximize efficiencies. The Certified Copy and Microfilm Departments in the Criminal Division will be moving to the first floor in the next weeks as well as improvements to the Court of Appeals Division.

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